Really!?? Powerwasher Guy

posted Jun 17, 2010, 12:07 PM by Skye Heather McFarlane
Some people are just nuts jerks ignorant. To these people, I dedicate the segment "Really!?" This will likely be a reoccurring segment, considering that nuts jerks ignorant people don't seem to be disappearing nearly as fast as I'd like them to.

Today's candidate: The guy-who-was-powerwashing-the-sidewalk-next-to-the-dogpark today. Now, I understand that the sidewalks need washing (even though the washer they use is louder and more irritating than the World Cup vuvuzelas). I also understand that occasionally the spray and dirt will get blown into the dog run. Unpleasant, but I can deal.

However, I do not understand why, when Holly went for a drink at the doggie water fountain, the powerwasher guy decided to whistle at her and then spray her in the face WITH A POWERWASHER. Holly cried and ran away. The guy laughed and whistled to try to get her to come back for more torture.

Really!? Powerwasher Guy, really!?