Holly's First Swim (sort of)

posted Jun 4, 2010, 7:09 AM by Skye Heather McFarlane
Holly dares to dip her paws in the dogpark pool. *Warning: You may want to mute. There's a lot of barking.

So, my family owns a wonderful camp house up on the St. Lawrence River. Grandpa built it himself-- that kinda thing. My dream, when I adopted Holly, was to bring her to said camp house during the summer and watch her gleefully swim with us in the river, fetch things from the river, ride around in boats...you get the idea.

Holly's dream, as it turns out, is to live in a desert. With no bathtubs. Holly so abhors water that she will not set foot outside in the rain. She walks out of her way to avoid puddles. She cries when I take a bath.

Therefore, I'm pretty proud of this video. Granted, Holly is only dipping her paws (and barking like a maniac the whole time), but she's IN THE WATER. I'm sure she'll be fording rivers in no time.